Pranešimas iš Meksikos draugų: nužudytas FRP (Frente Popular Revolucionario) lyderis

The government of Oaxaca-Mexico assassinates a National leader of the FPR in Mexico. We regret to report the murder of our comrade Tomas Martínez Pinacho de la Sierra Sur, founding leader of the Union of Poor Peasants and of our Popular Revolutionary Front, who was a member of our highest level of national leadership of the FPR. For this action, we hold the government of Alejandro Murat, the Secretary of Finance Vicente Mendoza Téllez, and Genaro Hernández, municipal president, of whom we demand his immediate resignation as well as the immediate disappearance of the paramilitary and criminal bodies that operate under his command. We continue with our activities for the Day of Struggle in the demand for justice, health and social security. The comrades of the various International, national organizations and intellectuals, are asked to immediately issue a statement of solidarity and later we will request solidarity actions. Since this has been a very high level aggression by the Mexican State against the RPF. Revolutionary: Florentino López Martínez. National President of the FPR and Vice President of the ILPS for Latin America.