I’m doing everything deliberately (Open letter of Algirdas Paleckis No 3)

Though my family members, as I’ve heard, were requesting to halt my publications, I nevertheless ask them to continue. This is my court case and my business. At the same time, it’s an important matter for the society, as it must know, what’s actually going on here.

By the way, that the demofascists are afraid of precisely such publications. That I felt very clearly, whereas legality and laws don’t scare them in the least.

Moreover, they must continue, because it is wouldn’t be unexpected, if I’d be prohibited from writing these letters. So as long as there’s such a chance, it ought to be used.

I’m doing everything with due deliberation. I’m feeling well and in a good mood. I’d face depression, if I didn’t write.

This time – a little poem.

To the Empire’s vassals

Servants of America

Gathered in the parliament

Look over their shoulder

Does Uncle Sam see?

Does the old Uncle

Know how brave we are?

We’re trying to awaken

The Russian bear!

But if you’ll wake it up

You’ll suddenly lose your breath.

Who’ll survive

Will run away and hide.

The American eagle

Won’t fly here to attack.

But what will this hen

Harm the bear?

Algirdas Paleckis, May, Vilnius

Lukiškės prison